Workers interested in participating in these courses must have the following documents ready to be sent by email, in JPG or PDF format, once the registration period opens:

  • Participation annex  signed  and completed with the details of the participant and the company.
  • Scanned ID.
  • Payroll header with the data of the person and the company.
  • Evidence of  updated working life  modality “Working Life and Contribution Bases”.

Important:  The worker must be registered at work at the start of the course, and must prove it after the start of the course. 

Due to the situation generated by the Covid-19 crisis, workers in an ERTE situation will be considered active workers, and will be able to participate in training actions in any sector.

Priority groups:

Young people under 30 years of age, women, over 45 years of age, people with disabilities, workers with a low level of qualification (contribution group 6, 7, 9 and 10), long-term unemployed, SME workers, part-time contract workers , and workers with temporary contracts.